Corteza project main landing page - Is there a repo for us to submit PRs to?

Does the site have a GitHub repo for us to submit PRs and issues to? It’s no emergency but there are some misspellings on the landing page I was going to fix via a pull request.

Hi daniel_charp

On the Corteza Project Website you will find links to all GitHub Projects (see Screenshot).
Here you find Discussion Forum (Main Project) or in each Repository a Issue Section (see Screenshots).



Thanks. I meant for the project page itself. The cortezaproject website, not the corteza app/product.

Oh sorry, I totally misread :sweat_smile:

I’m almost 100% sure that one is ran in WordPress and can’t be edited by you guys; I’ll ask.
You could also point out the issues here and we’ll address them – I’ll have the guys reference you for credits.