Could not load record list: Error 1390

When adding a record to a table, the table does not have a lot of feeds, but has over 200K of data records. The error that we are getting is : Could not load record list: Error 1390. Prepared statement contains too many placeholders. Here is the URL that we can grap. We removed the site info…


Also, do you know if this can be seen in an error log

...&limit=0... is telling Corteza to load every record of that module, so in your case 200k.
If you make the limit a more sensible number, the request should be fine.

I’ll open up a ticket for someone to make this not kill Corteza.

If you’re trying to fetch all of the records to process them, you can make a loop that fetches them N at a time (from my experience 300-500 is the sweet spot).

If you want to make it even faster you can:

  1. Make the initial request for N records with the ...&incPageNavigation=true... query param,
  2. Iterate through the collected pages and fetch M pages at a time,
  3. Iterate through the collected records.