Could not save this module: not unique


I’m trying to replicate the tutorial found at:

But when i try to save the projects module the platform shows the error

“Could not save this module: not unique”

I only have one module in my namespace at this time.

Also, i noticed in the tutorial that the field Project.donationsTotal is not loaded with data, ¿how do you calculate the total?


Hi @maganj3m Welcome!

Where are you trying to create this namespace? There was an issue in one point release where this error popped up sometimes, but that has been fixed.

The tutorial you’ve been using is a bit older, and right now we have workfows. With a workflow we can now easily loop through donations and store the total. There is more info on workflows at Workflows :: Corteza Docs

What also might be of interest for you is out latest batch of training videos. You can find them at