Create a local demo and then move ir online?

Hi guys,

I’m sorry for asking such a silly question, I’m still learning how to set up Corteza, I haven’t even started to test drive it yet.

I just have a small question please help me understand:

if I set up a local demo instance with docker and I create, modify and change it to suit my needs but then want to move this whole setup online how would I do that?

i see there is a video to set up corteza locally or to set up corteza as a production instance. My final plan is to host the created app on my hosting provider and link it to my domain.

So should I from the get-go setup a production instance or can I develop it on a local demo and then use that demo and make the app go live online?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated please.

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We usually have a development instance setup when working on projects and then we switch it into production when it’s ready (this flow depends from case to case).

You can either dump your local DB and move it to your server, or you can export/import the namespace on Compose. Depending on what you wish to modify, DB migration would probably be the best bet for you.

Hey Tjerman

Thanks for the reply, oky just to add to your reply

If i dump the db and putt that on my server where do i get the files for the namespace because i tried to export a namespace so i can use and ftp client and upload it to my hosting provider but the exported file only has the .env and .yaml file in, where or how do i get the rest of the files to upload to my server so i can point it to a domain?

I did some research online and saw that i can push the docker image to a github rep and then create a domain from github. And also i could use portainer and linode to host the docker container on but what would you recommend to transform the namespace into a public available domain online?

I would like to use my own hosting provider with better performance etc than github and other options mentioned.

Do you have a link for me please so i can do it step by step as im still an infant when it comes to all of these things.

Kings Regards