Creating tasks from email

As the topic. I need to handle tickets from email. One recipient email, one queue. How can I go about it?


If you are using postfix

If you are using postfix you can follow the instructions here to set up your environment.
From there, you can write an automation script that reacts to inbound emails (a server-script with this event).
Alternatively, you can define a workflow instead of an automation script with a System Mail trigger, onRecieve event.

Depending on the content type you wish to use it might be easier to use automation scripts.

If you can convert the email to an HTTP request

IIRC you can do this if you’re using MailGun. There are probably some services that let you do this but I don’t know any so I can’t recommend any.

Anywhoo, as long as you can create an HTTP request in the form defined here (see the curl command) you should be able good to go.

Creating tasks

The rest is straight forward. Parse the content of the email and create a new Compose Record. You will have to prepare a module to hold the data beforehand (if you have not already).
If you wish to show it on a kanban-like board, you can use record organizer blocks.

I hope the above is clear enough.

I have already made the sink configurations. It’s about what a module should look like.