Creating user roles and assigning permissions

Hi, I have created new user roles and assign them permission , and I have created some new users and assign them to user roles. But there is a specific user role that doesn’t has admin previliges with that user role in my local it allows me to go to Admin Area but limit options are showing there , but in qa environment where we have deployed it for client to use there the same user and user role is not allowed to access the admin area and not allowed to create leads , contracts ,opportunities. In local it allows to do them. Compose permission are set for the role,

What is the issue? How to fix this?

It seems that that user doesn’t have a role assigned. The described behaviour is like if he hasn’t got a role. So, I would check that on QA.

If the user has the role assigned on QA, check if the role permissions are set for that role.

@Lenny , yeah role permission are set for that role

And the user has the role? Whenever I had issues like this it was that either I forgot to assign the role to the user or the role didn’t have the right permissions set.

Hi @Lenny in the QA environment used db is the db dump of my local environment db, so there can’t be any changes between them, I have set all the permissions as well, but Corteza application behave differently in both environments.

It’s very difficult to solve something that I cannot replicate. As you say, the dump should be the same… Could you open a bug report with the steps on how to reproduce? Issues · cortezaproject/corteza · GitHub

Hi @Lenny I have opened an issue in github for this, After I add permission to a user role it behaves differently in my local and in aws qa environment · Issue #1779 · cortezaproject/corteza · GitHub

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