CRM App Accounts module: Error: Can not use ${record...} variable in non-record pages

Corteza version: 2023.3.1

Fresh plain docker-compose install, no modifications.

After adding an account, and clicking on that account the page Viewing record for module "Account" opens. While everthing looks ok, i noticed that the browser console shows:

Corteza Compose, version: 2023.3.1, build time: 2023-05-18T14:29:10.778Z
vue.esm.js:1906 Error: Can not use ${record...} variable in non-record pages
    at a.prepRecordList (RecordListBase.vue:1239:17)
    at a.handler (RecordListBase.vue:1018:14)
    at ot (vue.esm.js:1872:26)
    at e.$watch (vue.esm.js:4974:7)
    at br (vue.esm.js:4930:13)
    at yr (vue.esm.js:4912:7)
    at cr (vue.esm.js:4670:5)
    at e._init (vue.esm.js:5029:5)
    at new a (vue.esm.js:5177:12)
    at ln (vue.esm.js:3313:10)

This is reproducable. Relevant part of my docker-compose.yml with .env including VERSION=2023.3.1:

    image: cortezaproject/corteza:${VERSION}
    restart: always
    env_file: [ .env ]
    depends_on: [ db ]
      - "./data/server:/data"
    ports: [ "8080:80" ]

Hey, this is an intended error. So you shouldn’t worry about it.
In the future the flow will be changed but for now its necessary in order to properly manage the “loading state” of the record.