Custom roles - strange behavior

Corteza version - 2021.9.4.

I have created two roles:
Role-A → is a normal role.
Role-B → is a contextual role.
For both roles I have assigned identical permissions.

User-A is member of the Role-A and is able to Edit and Delete records in a Module (Module-M) .

User-B, based on the context expression, becomes member of the Role-B and has appropriate rights to Delete and Edit records in Module-M.
On Delete side - the user is able to delete any record (so, this works as expected).
On Edit side:

  • “Edit” button is active.
  • when I push “Edit” button, the module’s edit page opens but fields inside edit page cannot be changed (fields are not editable).

Please, can you give me a hint ? and, why this behavior occurs ?

Thank you.

Hi @CezarRadan

Field edit(update) and read permissions are set separately (on module editor). Maybe you’ve restricted access there for your user?

Hi Denis,

I haven’t apply any restriction at the module level (module editor).
To be sure, I have checked again and there is no restriction at module/field/record level.

Role-A has is a normal role (not contextual) and has read, edit, delete permissions over any record;
Role-B is a contextual role and has read, edit delete permissions over any record (context expression is “resource.values.Field1 == 1”).

  • if I am using an user, member of the Role-A, everything is okay:

    • I can see a record
    • I can edit a record (fields become editable and I can change the values)
    • I can delete a record
  • if I am using another user. This user, based on context, becomes member of the Role-B (contextual role), then:

    • I can see a record
    • I am able to push Edit/Save buttons. An edit page opens but, unfortunately, fields are not editable inside edit page
    • I can delete a record
      For sure contextual role is active because only on records where “Field1 == 1” I have access to Edit/Delete buttons.

Thank you.