Customize certain pages like login page


Please tell me there is an easier way to customiza the login page to change the name Corteza to whatever I feel like and that I can add my own bacground image on?

I only saw this post and this is extreme and technical for me, or is there a step by step guide how to do this?

I especially want to remove the " Access source code onGitHub" part on the login that really irritates me.

Kind Regards,


To change the icon and the main logo you can do it from admin area : {yourwebsite}/admin/ui

On the other hand, to change the background you have to do it manually by replacing “release-background.png” with your file in /assets/src/ on the corteza server.

If you installed Corteza using a docker container, to copy a file you can use the command :
docker cp /hostfile (container_id):/(to_the_place_you_want_the_file_to_be)

You can always fork the project on github and edit the code to remove the message.