Dark Mode for eCharts?

Hi! We have restyled our instance with a dark theme and we’re looking for the ability to do the same for the charts. eCharts has a “dark mode”. Is there a way to toggle/adjust that easily within the system? Thank You!

Hey, charts are controlled by their theme (configurable when editing a chart)
While the text and horizontal lines in the chart are controlled by the light and extra-light variables (configurable in Admin/UI/Theming.

Hey @jfortun - Thanks for the response here! The text and horizontal lines are what I’m trying to color. I’ve set the light and extra light variables both to white and the lines and text are still coming through as dark grey. Do you have any other thoughts on how to adjust that? Thank you again!

Can you confirm your version please? Since I’m talking about 2023.9.4 here
Where we introduced our own dark theme, so all of this works.

Ahhhh, ok. We are currently on 2023.9.2. I’ll get with the team to see if we can push an update. Thank you for the guidance here - greatly appreciated @jfortun !