Dart processes running forever

TL;DR: Dart-Sass processes (specifically, /opt/dart-sass/src/dart /opt/dart-sass/src/sass.snapshot --embedded calls) are persisting perpetually (AKA not terminating & releasing their resources).

Greetings, content management folks!

It seems my team has run into an interesting bug. We’d recently updated legacy Corteza Server and Corredor deployments to v2023.9.1. Post-upgrade, everything seemed to be running smoothly. However, a few days ago, there started to be a noticable slow-down. Checking the server’s running processes, we saw dozens upon dozens of Dart processes, some of them dating back to the last restart of the app. Every single one of them was the following statement:

/opt/dart-sass/src/dart /opt/dart-sass/src/sass.snapshot --embedded

and they’re all forked by corteza-server serve-api.

Any insights are appreciated.