Data connector for Power BI

Hi there,

I built a data connector for extracting specific record data to Power BI for report automation. I did this for work because we needed to create reports that pulled in data from different sources.

Besides that i feel this may help potential users evaluating corteza for production use to feel more at ease about using it, while the amazing team at planet crust continues to roll out more amazing features in the future - especially with regards to reports.

So, I was wondering if other people would be interested in this connector and some documentation on it. If so i would love to share, but would need some guidance on where to put the codes and documentation.


For now, probably best if you open up a GitHub repository to share the source code and provide additional instructions/notes in a forum post here or in a GitHub readme file.
We currently don’t have a system in place on how such things would be contributed.

Hi everyone,
@asyraf9 that’s really awesome job you did. Alot of people in the community, would appreciate your work !

Hi Everyone,

the connector is now housed on github below:

asyraf9/Corteza-Connector (

do give it a try and let me know if there are issues, I’ll do my best to support it.

the current connector supports importing individual module data per call. hopefully Power BI will update their OpenAPI library to v3 soon. When they do i’ll update the connector to allow full navigation of the Corteza app’s API within Power BI itself