Dev and test environments

Can you share with me your ideas on how to work with multiple environments and be able to push new module/page/workflow definitions from one to another without missing the already created data? Few things that I am wondering about:

  • is it good enough to use different namespaces on the same Corteza instance or is it better to have separate instances for dev and prod
  • can you propagate changes by simply using import/export, some CLI scripts or any other methods

Hmm, we don’t really have a “good practice” flow for this, but what we usually see/do:

  • actual development is done on a staging server (completely new instance)
  • when staging is stable, a DB dump is imported into the production DB

You could probably have some setup by leveraging provisioning (export modified resources and push them to your prod. instance as provision files) but the above usually does the trick for us (for now).

I’ll think about this for a bit when I find some time to see if I can peace together some proper docs.

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