Difference between the two docker images?

I see two Docker images updated on the Docker Hub:

  1. cortezaproject/corteza
  2. cortezaproject/corteza-server

And I see that the documentation refers both: 1st is the standard for Docker deployment while the 2nd is referred in the i18n page.

Can anyone explain the difference between them?

Are you referring to this one here? Internationalization :: Corteza Docs
Just a lapsus, sort of.

  • cortezaproject/corteza the entire shabang; the back-end and front-end bundled in the same image. This gives you the most trivial setup where you’ll only need one domain and all (do see deploy example configs) config defaults are ready to go as is.
  • cortezaproject/corteza-server is just the back-end. There’s also a corresponding cortezaproject/corteza-webapp which is the front-end. This lets you run both parts separately if you so desire.

The documentation refers to both the corteza and corteza-server images (well any image that includes the back-end).

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