Div tag attributes in compose


I noticed that the composed blocks in their HTML code contain <div> tags with attributes related to their namespace, module, page, etc. However, these attributes seem to have the value “[object Object]”:

<div class="h-100 p-2" blockindex="0" namespace="[object Object]" 
page="[object Object]" blocks="[object Object],[object Object]"
module="[object Object]" record="[object Object]"
mode="base" unsavedblocks="[object Set]" errors="[object Object]" recordid="375371464829960195"
refrecord="[object Object]" values="[object Object]">

It appears that the correct values for these attributes are missing. Is it possible to have them with the appropriate values?

I’m uncertain whether this issue comes from a misconfiguration of my Corteza instance or if it’s a bug. Could you please advise?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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It shouldn’t be te there, its a relic of the past. Will be deleted, except for recordID


Honestly, I think it would be a great idea to keep it and make it work !

It would enhance Corteza Studio and CSS customization to make them much more powerful :

Exemple : for a specific module

div[module="something"] {
   /* woohoo specific CSS ! */

Indeed we plan to add selectors and the ability to customize CSS for each block/layout/page/namespace.

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Perfect! Do you have any idea about the release that will support it?
Currently, I’m using a workaround with JS injected through the method suggested by shmuel in this post Corredor client script on page-load - #2 by shmuel

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Not sure, it’s on the roadmap. Probably with a 2024.3 patch or 2024.9