Docker compose and enviornment file

Hi all,
I m new to corteza and I have made many attempts to install corteza in local environment as per the documentation in website. Please anyone share the correct docker compose and environment file.

Thanks in advance.

Can you try the instructions provided over here.
I’ll review the documented instructions when I’m able to see what’s wrong with those.

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Thank you tjerman. I have done with the configuration that you have guided and need one more help. How can I access the web app from another machine with ip address of hosted machine ?.

@vishnucr3000 some Docker & networking know-how is needed to set-up Corteza on your own server. Please follow instructions on Docker side.

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Actually my requirement is to host corteza without ssl. Can anyone please guide me to achieve it.

On Corteza’s end, the setup process should be exactly the same.

On the server’s end, the setup process can be a bit different and we don’t have any resources for that case.
If you manage to set it up, consider writing down some notes so it can be added to the docs for future references.

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Dear team, I have managed to install without ssl. Thank you for your support. And now i m facing an another issue ie; docker-compose logs db | grep “GENERATED ROOT PASSWORD” is not showing any result. Please help on this.

Can you find it without using grep – go through the entire log?
Perhaps the logs got reset so you missed it.

You can remove from docker-compose and leave only the port.
This will bind the port on the port of docker host