Documentation about workflow trigger

I know somewhere in documentation there is a list of possibile trigger (I can’t find anymore :frowning: ).
But the documentation is poor in my opinion and I think it will be very usefull a complete documentation for every trigger (when using it, how, variables, and so on).
Thanks for support

Hi @simonetravaglini
here is the docs regarding automation in general, you can find the triggers docs for automation-scripts here

regarding the completeness/structure of the documentation @tjerman could help you here

What is missing in my opinion is a detailed list of triggers with a deep explanation.

If you find some part of the documentation is lacking, help is always welcome.

Perhaps a combination of general automation execution flows, available automation script triggers, and their constraints would help you figure it out.

The automation server script and workflow triggers are basically the same so match up the labels and it should be clear.