Documentation for corteza-js

The corteza-js repository seems to contain js-doc type inline documentation. Is there a public place we can browse this documentation?

I don’t see any reference to it in the official corteza-js docs. Is there a command we can use to easily build the docs?


interested in this too … I don’t expect a detailed explanation of the code but at least the main components of the package and their interactions

Currently, there isn’t anything (apart from what is inside Corteza JS :: Corteza Docs), but you can probably generate your own and share how you’ve done it (in case we decide to incorporate it into our documentation).

Hey @tjerman ,

We could use to geneate documentation. See the image below.

Let me know if corteza would be willing to consider a PR like this and I may work on it.

However, I do notice all arguments are practically generic (key value types). Given that the types are names of the arguments are available, I think it’d make more sense to generate explicit types.

Would corteza be ammenable to a PR like that?

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That does seem interesting; @darh what do you think?

lgtm. Should probably be part (subpage) of the deployment.

Great, I’m a bit busy in the coming weeks, I’ll send an update once I start working on it.

We have a bit of work done on it Corteza JS 2022.9
There are some issues with including it into Antora (what we use for the docs) but they should be resolved fairly soon