Does anyone know why email is having this =20

My email sending has errors. it always has =20 for ending e.g.


Additional Discount:
Shipping and Handling:
Total Price:
Grand Total:=20 // <- this is strange!

and i have a lot of “=” in my html templates, i dont even have = but when generated by email, users will get the following in their email. some places have a "= ". how to fix?

  • You are in breach of any term or condition of this Agreemen= t.
  • Your use of the Service disrupts BizTransit (or our affilia= tes / partners) business operations.

People might be able to help if you share your template.
I’m guessing you’ve messed up the notation for value interpolation.

@tjerman will do so. pls help with the create pdf template too. thx

What do you mean?

Some resources are available here and here; fairly basic but should help out at least.