Does Corteza have a "Subscription Payments Wall"


I just would like to please find out does Corteza have a "subscription payment wall’ feature where i can implement before an account is registered on my live Corteza website that a payment amount is made, which is then a subscription in the same day as signed up. This will then check everytime if the subscription is still active and prevent login access to the site unless subscription is active?
(As an example more or less the same as what the plugin “Membership pro” on “WordPress” does)

If it doesn’t how can i implement this on Corteza or inside Corteza?

The only option i know of is running WordPress in parallel with this but it will really badly affect my server load and don’t want to do this.

Im not a slilled developer but I’m learning please help.

Kind Regards,

No, not out of the box, but you do have options.
If you provide some more insight into what exactly you’re trying to do, we could help out more.

Use something alongside Corteza

As you’ve suggested, you can run a WordPress (or similar) alongside Corteza.
In some cases, this is completely fine, especially if you want to provide a very specific user interface to your end-user.

Depending on your use case, we would suggest you don’t directly allow the end-user to access Corteza’s interfaces but use something in the middle (like a custom webapp or WordPress).

Prevent it using workflows

You can write a workflow (or an automation script) (later referred to as “automation”) with a trigger on the before login event.

The automation would check what it needs to check regarding subscriptions and throw an error in case they’re not allowed to access it.

This was my quick attempt with Workflows

Caution I don’t check anything in this workflow and deny login for everyone; don’t brick yourself out of Corteza!!



The outcome (when logging in) was this

The error looks a bit scary because I threw an error to terminate the process, but I’ll mention the team to provide something to make error messages nicer.

Note automation scripts may produce a nicer error message since they’re more low-level; I did not do a POC but I can if you wish.

Hope this helps you out!

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