Dynamic filtering of a RecordList

I have a Page in Corteza local in which I want to display recordlist filtered by the manager I select in a dropdown list. How can I achieve this?

Hello @MSAP,

There is a configuration option in the RecordList block configurator called Filter presets

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The values 1 and 232 are static. I want to select those values at run time based on what I select in a dropdown list on a page

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As is, the closest you could get is if you straight up used the filter in the record list table:

@jfortun is this something we’d wanna have? Not sure if I’m the biggest fan but I’m also not against it

In version 2023.9.5 (releasing this week), the prefilter that uses ${record.values.foo} will be reactive.
That means when that value changes (you select a new one from the dropdown), the filter will automatically be filtered by that.

Adding raw input to the Record list filters could be useful so we’ll think about adding that.


How can I filter one Record List based on a Record selected in another Record List (They have a common field like a “primary key - foreign key” relationship) and I place both Record Lists on the same page in different blocks.

Screenshots would be helpful of what you’re trying to achieve.

I have a module “Employees” of all employees and there is a column “IsManager”
There is also managerEmail column in the module.

Left Block is displaying Employees with IsManager = Yes
Right Block is All Employees
How do I filter Right Block Records based on Manager selected in Left Block?

Replied in I need help in filtering team members by selected manager - #5 by Lenny