Editing the HTML file of a page?

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to take a <div> of a page from our xwiki and have it displayed as a static page on corteza.

I’m doing this via HTML because the xwiki page/pages have tables and as far as I know, it is not possible to create tables in the text page editor but it is doable using HTML.

So I’m basically trying to take the <div> from the xwiki page which includes text and tables etc and paste it into the HTML of a static page, so that it stays there. I tested this using the “inspect” option of chrome and it worked, the content that I needed was displayed there but I obviously can’t save it there so that it stays.

What I’m trying to do know is writing a small python script which gets me the <div> from the xwiki page and then pastes it at the correct position in the HTML of the static corteza page, but this is where my problem begins: I can’t find any HTML files for the corteza pages on the server on which corteza is installed and running.

Does anyone know how to either edit the HTML of a page using the GUI of corteza or does anyone know where I can find the HTML files of existing corteza pages?

Option 2 would be preferred but I looked all around the directory of corteza and didn’t find a single HTML file of the existing pages. I know that they have to be saved somewhere but where?

Corteza webapps are build with vuejs. The docker image contains a compiled vuejs files.
It can be too complicated to edit anything.
The cleanest solution would be to host the html code in another subdomain for example, and to call it via an iframe block in compose.

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