Embedding "Pages" on website

I want to create a registration process on my site and use Corteza to do it so that the details fall straight into my CRM. Am I able to create a registration process and embed it on my site?

I would suggest one of the following; pick one depending on your needs.

As far as embedding goes, you could try iframes, but I would prefer to see one of the above.

Thanks TJ, option 2 looks good. Can you pls answer my post on Delete all records from inside Corteza - #14 by BenjaminDover

Thanks TJ.

@BenjaminDover I do it using option 1 @tjerman mention
it’s much better

Thanks for the response Munawir, what forms do you use?

…and how do you use it? I’ve gone to teh section for it in teh docs and all it says is

“Corteza implements the OAuth2 authentication protocol, where it can act both as a OAuth2 server and as an OAuth2 client, allowing both internal and external…” - That’s great! but how?

That is a bit hard to answer since I don’t know what you’re using but this should be about the same regardless of what you’re using:

  1. create a new auth client
  2. copy the values the auth client provides (the client ID is the long number in the URL, the secret field is labelled as such)
  3. paste those values in your OAuth2 clients such as this, this or other OAuth2 clients your platform may use.

If you can’t figure it out, let us know what you’re using and we’ll try to figure it out.

Just to clarify; the first option (the OAuth2 flow) would only be relevant if the users are actually registering to your thing – to later log in; if you are just capturing their data (name, email, address, …) the second option would be the way to go.

Thanks TJ, I’m starting to get it.

I want to put a Finance application form on my website and have users complete it. There will be the form itself with Name, address, phone, etc. Then there will be a section of th form where tehy need to put in their properties they wish to use as security…so a “Subform”. The form would populate modules “Accounts”, “Contacts”, “Properties” so ideally would like to use the Corteza “Page” that the user can complete. Is there no way of putting that “Page” on my site?

No. Pages are a protected resource so they require users to be authenticated in order to access them so even iframes won’t help you there.

Create an integration gateway, manually construct the form you need, and send the data over to Corteza.
Depending on how your application is set up, you could skip the integration gateway step.

For our needs, we use the prior – custom form where data is sent via integration gateway.

OK…you’ve just opened Pandora’s Box my friend!

Now I need to know how I create an integration gateway…Please?

@BenjaminDover Hi, I just wanna mention something regarding Oauth2 approach

for some reason(or bug) if you created an Oauth2 client use the client ID of the default Oauth2 client (the one Corteza uses for the frontend) … it’s weird I know

What part of the linked documentation isunclear?
You configure an integration gateway endpoint and bind a workflow to it.
Then you just send requests to the endpoint.

Are you using the correct endpoints? We defined a few special endpoints that work over the default auth client.
When you define a new auth client, you’ll need to use the usual oauth2 endpoints.

I was fiddling around with Flutter applications not too long ago and the auth worked fine for me so it should be ok.

@tjerman can you share the endpoints so I can try them

and BTW I’m using 2021.9 version

Here is the source code of my thing – https://github.com/tjerman/money/blob/main/screens/LoginScreen.dart#L33
I’ll write some notes and examples on it later when I find some time for it.

This was on some 2021.9 version also but I can’t recall the exact patch; 2021.9.6 I think.