Error 500 for application image Corteza One project

We have upgraded the app from 2021.9.4 to 2021.9.5. We are facing issue of image not display in application selector section of corteza one project. also facing same issue in corteza compose project for record list images are getting 500 server side error.

The image path for logo - “logo”: /api/system/attachment/settings/265581959537754115/original/logo_big.png
screenshot - 2022-01-06T172334.9621

Hi @VirajChorghe,

Welcome to Corteza, and thanks for reporting this!

@jfortun, this is entirely the same as what you noticed (and manually fixed) on our internal QC instance, right?

Cheers, Mia

Indeed, we replaced the broken images/logos manually.

We will investigate why this could have happened