Error Handling Message In Workflows

There’s an error handling step, which is great.

According to the docs you can

Think of this as a try-catch.

How can we get the error message produces from the error?


hello @shmuel,

currently there isn’t a way to get the error message. I’ll open a ticket to add this feature.

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Thanks! I want to send an email to the user if there was an error with a specific workflow. Right now I just have to say “There was an error.” I’d love to be able to inlcude the error message in the email itself.

Is this a blocker for you?

No, it’s not a blocker. It’s a nice to have.

We have scope variable error that contains the error message. :slight_smile:

As an improvement we will add ability to let users specify into what variable the error is stored in upcoming release.

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@vicky ,

I managed to get this working, but is it documented anywhere?

We have released new patch(2023.3.1) with that bit improvement for error handler step by providing configurators access the context of the error message also, to give user more freedom in defining error handling and to know where and on which step the error occurred.

As of now, It’s not included in the docs but It will be updated in the docs upcoming week.

Here is update on Error handler step:

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