Error in exporting a namespace 2021.9 🧩 Low-Code Development

We have upgraded the app from 2021.3 to 2021.9. We are trying to export an existing namespace and we are getting the following error.

{“error”:{“message”:“yaml encoder prepare corteza compose module [Client Communication (N) 263190153705554949 HClientCommunication]: compose module unresolved [259268328739046425]”}}

We are trying see what is causing the error. How can we look at what is causing the error.

one of the errors that we are seeing if the if a field is set as a reference field and it is not fully configured to the module it references, the export is failing.

The error sais that it can’t find the related module; remove the field with the missing relation or add the missing field

removing the field caused other issues on the export especially if the field is used on pages. We had to go and add the relation or change the field type to text. It was difficult to figure out what the actual field that is causing issue.

That series of events sounds about right; something similar was also encountered by someone else quite recently.
We are planning on general improvements to our error reporting so expect some improvements in future versions.