Error when Record Revisions are enabled

We use record revisions in most of our modules. We use recrev_{{module}}_{{namespace}} as the Identifier and naming convention for the DB.

Since upgrading to 2023.9.0, when we create a new module and enable record revisions as described above, we get an error message when creating a new record or editing an existing record for the new module. When creating a new record, the record is successfully created but throws an error. Once created, you cannot edit or delete the record. If I turn off record revisions, record creation and editing work fine.

The error message is Could not update record: failed to complete transaction: cannot create data entry: cannot perform record operation: model {longinteger} has issues

The issue does not appear to impact existing modules with record revisions that were created in earlier versions.

Is this a bug or a change in how a record revision DB table should be referenced?

Thanks in advance :wink:

The newest release is 2023.9.1, I suggest testing it there

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Hi @ege345dc4g5c45gc

We upgraded today from 2023.9.0 to 2023.9.1, but the error remains.

This is still being investigated and should be fixed with 2023.9.2, released sometime next week.

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