Error when sorting column with negative number

Hi all,
sorry if this is not the correct section.

I am running Corteza v2021.3.10 and I have a low code app that I have put together, where the model includes a “number input” column that I use to store a mix of positive and negative numbers.

The issue arises when attempting to sort a record list by a column that includes a negative number.

I have attached a screenshot of the error as provided by the Action Log.
Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong, or is this perhaps a bug?

In case it helps, here is a screenshot of the devtools console after having triggered the issue, by attempting to store a column that contains a negative number.

Hi KerryGr!

Thank you for your post. I’ve been testing it, and for me, it works. Can you share with me how you configured the number field?