Error with Metric block


I have a module β€œtest”:

In this module, the records are as such:

However, the data in the metric block shows wrong data:

With these settings for the metric block, since it takes the min, it should show 0, but it actually displays 2.

The metric works as intended with sum, max and avg.

I also tested it with these records:

The metric shows β€œ1” for max, min, sum and avg, when it should be zero.

Is there an error with my metric block?

Thank you very much for the help!

Hi there!

Thank you for reaching out and for the screenshots.

I believe that the metric block is not behaving as intended,

The record list that the metric block is referencing contains 2 records and even though one of the record values is 0. This is not a Null record value but a record value that contains the number β€œ0”.

If you use the Avg operation, you will see that the sum of the numbers is divided by the number of records, so in this instance it would be 25 ( 25 + 0) / 2 ( for both records). Which should result in 12.5.

The min function is not displaying the number β€œ0” and instead corteza is attempting to count the number of records. I believe this is a bug.

I would either remove the record containing the number β€œ0” or in the filter section of the metric block apply this filter: testnumber != β€˜0’. That will filter out all of the records with the record value of β€˜0’.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for answering!

I encountered this problem when I wanted to show a metric for a record field with the number β€œ0”, but the metric showed a β€œ1” instead. Once the bug is fixed, the metrics will be performing correctly for me.