Error workflow with automation script

I’m trying the example in the documentation

to reproduce. But get the error: “execution failed: expression “server-scripts/testscript.js” failed: failed to select ‘server’ on *expr.Vars: no such key 'server”’
I can’t do anything with this error message.

does the script appear on the Corredor page (from admin page)?

Before I had updated the script in the following way:

  • Change the script file (and the label and description to see the change in the admin page)
  • Stopping the containers
  • docker-compose up -d

There is one oddity in general:
According to the documentation, “/server-scripts/testscript.js:default” should be specified for example as the script name in the step definition. However, I get error messages regarding the characters “/” at the beginning and “:”. But when I enter “server-scripts/testscript.js” I don’t get an error message.
Is there a causal connection?

Problem solved. I corrected 2 things. Parameter “args” is a required field, although it’s not marked as such. You also have to write the name of the script in quotation marks and activate the “expression” switch or vice versa.

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