Exploring: Is Cotreza platform devops friendly?

Is this tool devops friendly?


  1. Can custom development be checked in a repository and applied to a fresh system?

  2. Can unit/integration tests be done for custom-developed modules/other? ( good outcome dependent on 1).

  3. Can we “promote” custom modues/code from dev->qa ->prod? in an automatic manner. ( good outcome dependent on 2 & 1)

Is the system based on old style dumb-db, and restore-db – i.e not devops friendly, not CI/CD/modern ?

For context: this I read today from n8n: https://n8n.io/

Save time building customer integrations. Engineer faster POCs. And keep your customer-specific functionality separate from product. All without writing a single line of code.

Keeping customer-specific code separate in git, and apply it to new-instance of product, or promote custome code to new env dev/qa/prod – devops friendly.

Engineering this into a product would be good even for core development team perhaps?