Exporting Namespaces

When exporting Namespaces, the naming of the files in the zip makes it impossible (or at least not evident) to extract in Windows systems due to the β€œ:” characters.

Would it make sense to fix this?

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Thank you for pointing this out! We will look into this further and try to provide a resolution as soon as possible.

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We have only been able to replicate this on one instance of Windows thus far, not sure if this is going to be so easy considering.

Yes, this seems to me to be a very specific limitation of Windows because of legacy.

It’s unclear to me that it’s worth the effort at this point although maybe a quick fix is to add a β€œWindows users READ ME.txt” file in the zip with some basic explanations?

When attempting to unzip the whole file, turns out it does extract except if raises an error for those files and renames the output file. This is acceptable, just not ideal. (My previous test was just drag & drop)