Expression validator?

I’m creating a few calculated fields on modules (where Field value expression is ticked) but I’m running into problems quite often. The only way to know an expression is bad is to try to create a record and get an uninformative error: “Could not update record: check error messages on the form”. There are no messages anywhere on the form. I know this is caused by the expression because when I remove it the record saves successfully.

Is there a way to validate these expressions while writing them and get meaningful errors? Without this the process involves a lot of guess-work and is super slow.

If you have field validators, make sure to include those fields on the record pages. Otherwise the error wont be visible.

I suggest using the All records page, where all fields are shown by default /crm/admin/modules/<moduleID>/record/list

Thanks, but this is not about validators. It is about Field value expressions.

Still, applies to both.

We’ve avoided using field expressions for calculated values, and prefer using a workflow to set values, which helps with error checking and more complex record management. If you need to use the calculated value before the record is created or updated, a field expression won’t work.

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