Federation node

hi, i’m trying to do the federation nodes. when i try to pair, this error occurred. need help

ps: my server name and url different from the generated link

Can you check the parameters you’ve provided are correct; that would be the most probable cause

The parameters that you mean, is it like in the picture?

I had put my domain name with port and added “/api/federation” (as per video that I watched) on the end point.

However the link generated to become local.cortezaproject.org domain name instead of mine.
Is there any other prerequisite setup that I missed?
Thank you for helping.

The server name can be anything right? Also, on the admin email, I just put a dummy email. (I assume it not required?). The server URL is the only thing that I think needed to be correct.

The name can be anything; it’s a label to identify the node.
The email was meant to point to the person responsible for the federated node for administration and communication. IIRC it can safely be omitted.