Field conditions

I want the solution to be visible when the priority field is equal to a certain value. What is the syntax going to be?

If you want to reference any field of the module, use record.values.Fieldname
So here, you would use:

Docs reference

I want the description field to appear when the value of the Priority field is Low, for this I use the record.module entry.Priority==“Low”, but this entry does not give a result and the unknown parameter error pops up. I didn’t find an answer in the documentation, do you have any ideas?

Like @ege345dc4g5c45gc said, you should use the syntax he provided.
What you’re using is not a valid syntax

So record.values.Priority == "Low"

@ege345dc4g5c45gc @jfortun everything worked as you said. I don’t know what the problem was. Thanks for the help

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