Get the url of the page where the button is clicked?

How to do it?
in a business process, trigger when you click on the add button, get the url of the page where the button is clicked?

Deleted @JoseWalsh’s reply as it’s not related to Corteza.

Currently, you won’t get an explicit URL but, for most cases, you will get the components required to construct it (such as the namespaceID, moduleID, recordID, …). For example if you click on a button in a record page, you’ll get the namespace, page, and recordID which you can use.

Is there a specific use case that you can’t cover with these components?

In the case in the picture (recordID). I couldn’t get them. I asked about the URL meaning a variant that I do not know.

I’ve also tried to reconstruct the url (for external emails). I’ve tried to use the environment variable “DOMAIN” but it always comes back as nil. For now, I’ve just hardcoded the domain and reconstructed the rest of the url as @tjerman describes.

You get the record in initial scope if you set the trigger type to onmanual compose record. From there you can access the recordID.