"Global" blocks for Navigation?

Now that we have a “Navigation” block, it would be great to be able to create “global” blocks that can be re-used on multiple pages.

This would be most useful for the Navigation block since a user would probably want the same Navigation block across multiple pages. Currently, if I have 20 pages, I have to create 20 identical navigation blocks, and then, if I want to change it, I would have to go through all the pages and edit each one to match.

Not sure how this might be implemented in the system, but here’s an idea:

Blocks could have an option for “global” and/or optional handles, and there could be a new block “type” called “By Reference” or something like that. When creating a block, if you select the “By Reference” block, the system would let you select a block you created with a handle, and insert a reference to that block so that updates to any of the references are reflected in any place that block is used.

Thanks for considering it!

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want to upvote this improvement

Will probably fit into 2024.3