Guidance Needed on Submitting a Web Form to Corteza via API or Integration Gateway

Hello everyone,

I’m working on integrating a web form from an external CMS platform with Corteza and am looking for some guidance on the best method to submit form data into the Corteza environment.

I attempted to send a POST request to the endpoint compose/namespace/[...]/record (with the appropriate namespace, module and token) to submit the data directly from the form, but I didn’t receive any response. The request payload was structured according to the API documentation, but it appears that I might be missing something, or perhaps there’s a better approach to this.

Is the direct API request the best method for this type of integration, or should I use Integration Gateway and set up a workflow in Corteza to save the incoming request data?

If the latter is recommended, could anyone provide an example workflow or point me in the direction of relevant documentation/resources that would assist in setting this up? I’m especially keen to ensure that the data is processed securely and efficiently.

Thank you in advance for any help or insights you might provide!

Kind regards,

Hey, we usually use a combination of Integration gateways and Workflows that parse the data and create/update records as you mentioned.
Hopefully, the above documentation will help.