Help with discovery

Struggling with getting Discovery working to a functional state and hoping I can get a few pointers. Deployed just like the postgres + discovery example in the guide. I’m using the Discoverer user (as instructed in the docs) for the indexer keys in .env, and the same for the Searcher. Should these be different?

Logs are all looking good. The discovery main page is only showing the 4 check boxes for type on the left side (namespace, users, records, modules). Searches field no results. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Disregard… Was able to figure this out.

Could you let us know what the issues were, for anyone having problems in the future

I was being stupid and not realizing that obviously “searcher” refers to the user that will be using the discovery GUI. This was also clear when carefully reading logs from search queries…

You all have done a great job with the project so thanks for all the hard work that I’m sure has gone in here over the years. Sure, documentation can always be improved but thats a never ending goal. Perhaps they were older posts but while poking through the forums I was not impressed seeing some users essentially complaining about documentation.