Help with installation on a Qnap NAS

Qnap NAS has a nice interface to facilitate the installation of conteiners and aplications.
But it turns that sometimes too much facility complicate things lol,

I´d like to install corteza as an application. I copied the samples from corteza project for online deployment

the first problem is that conteiner station does´t allow me to use a .env file, or at least I dont know a way of doing that. It not possible just to copy yaml and env files in the same folder.

the other problem is that I dont understand how shoud I configure the network itself for the conteiners.

Does anyone here has installed corteza on a qnap nas sucessfuly ?

Hello you should use docker compose under QNAP.

You can follow this guide (it’s for another app but should be the same since it uses docker compose) :

You will notice that you need to mount a folder under Shared Folders/Volume from host.

Over all I think it’s better to host a linux server and use classical tools to deploy your docker project.

HI Koamsk thank you for the answer.

This is what i´ve been trying so far. The container station in qnap is nice as long as you don´t have .env files. For simple applications like the one you suggested its works very well. Besides this, the biggest problem I´m having is to configure the networks that i dont understand how they work inside the nas. i f you take a look on the project i mentioned you will see that the YAML file creates 2 networks 1 should not be exposed and the other one shoul be acessible to the other machines in the lan ou internet.