Hosting Corteza on HTTPS vs HTTP is causing error

We have deployed and configured our site in HTTP. We have exported the names space and loaded into an external instance. We need to setup on HTTPS prior loading data - we are getting 403 errors when doing some functions such as uploading a logo for a given name space. When we revert back to HTTP the errors are not happening. It appears on certain restful calls to /api/compose/ endpoint are failing with 403 error. We are not seeing errors in the action log. Is there any config files or setting that we need to update in order to switch to HTTPS. Also are the logs stored on the server to help us debug. How can we view the logs. We are on the 9.5 version

If you’re only seeing 403 errors for certain operations I would suspect there is an issue with how your server is configured.
I have experienced before that some server providers block specific request types (such as file uploads) by default and we needed to contact them in order to permit those.
I would suggest that you first make sure whether the issue is with your server provider.

As for the logs; you can use docker-compose logs.
If the errors are happening before the request gets to Corteza, the Corteza log will not show it – make sure to also check the logs of your HTTP server (I’m assuming Nginx or Apache).

Thank you, this helped, we looked at the internal servers and found the issue. Appreciate it.

Would you mind sharing what the issue was, how you resolved it, and what setup you are using?
It might come in helpful if someone else is having a similar issue.

Alternatively, you can open up a PR to our docs to add an additional troubleshooting entry