How can I modify the reminder time dropdown

The max reminder time is 24 hours, but I want to remind myself in 2 weeks. How can I modify this?

Hello @shmuel,

there isn’t way to set a higher value than 24h through the UI.

Is this a blocker for you?

@katrinyordanova , yes. We can’t use reminders because we mainly need to set dates further up in time. I noticed that the implementation of reminders just uses a date. So if that could be exposed via the UI (a simple date input), that would solve the issue.

I also noticed that there is no way to use the link of the reminder (when you create a reminde there’s an option to link it to a record, but that’s not exposed later on). Also, I can’t undo the action of marking a reminder as complete.

All of the proposed improvements will be added. Here are the GH issues:


A small reminder rework that includes these changes will be released with 2022.9.8

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