How can I run corteza monorepo at local both server and client at the same time?

I’ve clone this repo GitHub - cortezaproject/corteza: Low-code platform, run make dev. Everything is done, but I cannot start it in dev mode. I’m not familar with go.

  1. How can I start it as local example with docker-compose?
  2. How can I build whole repo into docker compose image as image: cortezaproject/corteza:${VERSION} in local example?
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Have you looked at DevOps Guide :: Corteza Docs ?

If you don’t need to run it from source code, I’d suggest you run it via the instructions above.
Else, please elaborate on the “cannot start it in dev mode”; errors?


Hmmm, I need to run it from source code to customize it for my team as need.

About the “cannot start it in dev mode”, I’ve run ‘make serve’ for the server, and run yarn dev for each client webapp (admin, compose, workflow,…), but still not get how to run them in one port or connect them together like above instruction.

And I also need to build it become docker images like above instruction to deploy into our server.

Thank you for your supporting.

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