How Deferred triggers works?

Hi everyone

I’m starting to implement deferred automations and I defined two triggers that run every two hours for example.
my automations are server-scripts, and when I make changes/fixes and redeploy. so both will be redeployed (even if one of them doesn’t change).

so will the scripts run at the beginning of the redeployment(time zero) or wait two hours to run again?

also, when I have many scripts run every two hours and these scripts are heavy(consume a lot of CUP time) will it affect the performance of the server? or Corteza somehow execute them in order??


Server scripts with interval triggers are executed when the provided cron expression matches the time.
So in your case, the automation script would wait until 2AM, 4AM, 6AM, … (every second hour) and then it would be executed, regardless of what the current time is.

A cron expression would determine the next timestamp from now, so in my case (8:42AM), the next 2H interval is at 10AM sharp