How do I access the system variable?

how do I access the system variable? field: createdBy

you use the handle that corrresponds to the field you want, in this case: createdBy

@ilyesilno when I access it, the case displays a twenty-digit number of the type 1320294959202890324, and not the letter designation of the user of the type first name last name, but how do I access the system variable to output the first and last name?

Hi @jabepuwy,

Without knowing your business objective, we tend to avoid using field expressions and prefer the use of workflows, as they provide much more flexibility, particularly given that field expressions cannot access/transform data in/from other records (e.g. a User record).

As it relates to the record.createdBy field, it is pointing to a user record and is a userID. You could use an afterCreate workflow to reference the userID record, get the user name, user email or user handle and populate that into a text field.

We have found it useful to create a “User Profile” module, which creates a record when a new user is created and can store additional information about each user, whether that be their telephone number, department, team memberships, location, etc.

I hope this helps.

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