How does a Corteza module look on live?


I’ve installed Corteza locally via docker.
Now I’m wondering, how would it look like, if I create a live version of my App?
Is there are pre-defined role that I can use for a test user locally, to get an impression of what things would look like for end users later on?


What we usually do is we manually create one or more users directly in the admin panel, assign them the appropriate roles (differs based on what we want to test) and then log into the user in another browser/private window.

IMO, that would be the most straight forward way

That implies, that Corteza is usually used for internal tools and not for SaaS applications, if I understand it correctly?

Well, that depends on what you’re trying to do with it but we have seen it used for both internal and SaaS purposes.

To recap the conversation in case we miss understood each other.
When testing how the configurations look like for specific users, we manually create a test user with the appropriate subset of roles.