How template engine works?

hello there

I’m exploring templates and trying to understand how it works
what I understand is that,

  • you take html template and render it using html/template library (inside corteza-server component)
  • then conver it using gotenberg package (inside gotenberg component)

I’ve several questions here,

  • I have docx templates, is it possiple to render them instead of html?
  • I’ve searched the gotenberg package and I see it only converts to pdf files (doesn’t render templates) and it supports docx as an input file … is there any workaround for this?
  • can I replace the whole thing and use ? or any other similar package that handle both rendering and converting files?

Tnx for Carbone hint, first time I’m hearing of it.

Templating system was build with the different rendering (and templating) engines. I’m pretty sure it could possible to add other “drivers”.