How to add a dynamic field to the form?

Hello corteza community.

I would like to use corteza for building an erp application. I am new and exploring the features.

I am wondering if there is a way to make dynamic fields in the form, to be used as fields of the invoice for purchased Products.

Do I need to use jquery only or there is another way?

What aspect of the field do you want to be dynamic?
Or better yet can you explain your use case, since it will be easier to answer most likely

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Hello, thank you for your follow up.

In each invoice there are several products. Each product has (reference, product name, description, unit price, quantity, price)

How can I duplicate the same to add more products.


Something like this, I green button to add more and a red button to delete

You can check out how the default products are implemented in the CRM.
Otherwise field expressions and workflows should be enough to achieve this