How to add a small button to the right of a control?

When we have set a field in Module of type Record Selector it show list of values from another module but the thing is that if the other module being referred to is empty then this is what we see.

In such cases I need to give a button on the right side of the control with ... dots and when the user clicks on this button I want to show a Modal for adding new record/data and then once the data is saved the control should refresh itself.

How can we do this?

Note: if there is any other better way to achieve this please do guide me.


No such feature yet. Feel free to open a feature request on github.
You can achieve something like that with workflows.
Otherwise you have to have the record list for campaigns there, where you can click the add button.

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One work around is to add a field “new_campaign” and create a workflow with these specifications :

  • trigger = beforeUpdate
  • condition : if (campaign is empty) and (new_campaign != empty )
    • create this new compaign in campaign module
    • set campaign = recordID of the new campaign record
    • empty new_campaign field