How to add another field to signup page


So what I want to do is assign a user to an organization.

Example: there is 2 users and both are not in the same organization, so if user 1 creates any new records he should only see the records he created and whoever else is in the same organization. User 1 should not see records from user 2 that was created.

With reff to above lets say a second user joins user 1’s organization then he should also only see and create for that same organization.

The only thing i can think of is to hire a freelance developer to change the “Short name, nickname or handle” field on signup to “Organization” but then change the field to record field (which I as Superadmin have access to create new organizations or later on have a workflow do that for me once a certain criteria etc is completed) the record field will then be able to be selected as a multi value upon signup, if I’m correct? (as more than one employee at an organization).

Will this field then be able to be fetched if i then create a record field module that will then fetch only the records of that organization?

This is what I can try but is there perhaps an easier way that will save me the time and money to do this?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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MAybe every organization could be a ROLE, and users are assigned to the role.
Then you have to set RBAC to allow every user from one role to see all record assigned to users with same role.

Hi Simonetravaglini, thanks for your reply

I have thought about that but I don’t want to assign a role to each organization because I will then have hundreds and thousands of roles.

It’s not clear to me who create users and organizations. Another corteza users? only admin? A registration process?

Well at the moment to make it easy and functional users will be created by me or even other users that go to the signup page , but if its me i will then go to either the admin panel after logging-in as superadmin and create them myself and assign them to an organization.

I would like in the pipeline to assign a registration process.

Probably you should create a module to link users to company.
So relation 1:n between company and record of this module.
Then I suppose you can create rules to define visibility: user can see records of module X where field company is equal to company present in your custom module that link the user to company. I’m not sure if is possible.

@Rich3art I’d suggest you reconsider and use roles instead. I don’t see why having a lot of roles would be an issue as you’d have to do a similar thing for the organization records anyways.

Perhaps an alternative approach you could consider is creating a namespace for every organization, and then people could only access the namespaces of the organizations they belong to.
This would be a bit tedious, but you could use workflows/automation scripts to help keep all of the namespaces in sync (as far as configuration goes).

Perhaps you can write down a bit more of what you’re trying to do so we can have more context to work with.

Hi @tjerman Thanks for the idea, okay I will look into that approach as well but how to I automate the sync of namespaces with each other, where can I find documentation on this? And if I create a new namespace will I then have to recreate the whole workflow again, I want something that’s on autopilot.

With the above not being a problem to re create the workflow every time, lets say I’m using your idea, so then this will be what I’m trying to do:

I would really like an automated workflow where as soon as someone signups for new account to then ask them if its a new “organization/ namespace” or are they joining one that’s already created? And if they are joining to then add them to that namespace but if its a new one then to automatically create a new namespace that will ask again the name of the new namespace and add them as a user. So I want have more than one user in the same namespace and have multiple namespaces and every user inside their own namespace can only create, edit and delete their own records.

Then I would like another “main” namespace that then adds all the records from all the namespaces into it as one (view?/ page?/ namespace?/ module?) which can only be modified by a superadmin role or admin etc role basically as a summary of all the namespaces records.

Lastly I want one namespace that creates a record in a module to then have a workflow that will automatically add a record into another namespace’s module and send an email that records email address.

This is in a nutshell, I hope you can understand?

Huh… that’s quite a lot to unpack but I think I got the gist of it. We don’t have any docs on doing exactly what you’ve described, but our docs should touch on everything you’d need for this.

Let us know if you need help with a specific topic and feel free to get in touch if you’d like additional support.